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Paul Penrose

Tokyo fires blunt arrowhead

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has spent $140 million on the development of arrowhead, a new 'super-fast' trading platform that processes trades in five milliseconds, approximately 600 times faster than its...

08 Jan 2010
Paul Penrose

Thomson Reuters logo goes down the pan

Credit to Reuters' blogger Felix Salmon for picking this one up from the Post Secrets blog. The secret story of Thomson Reuters new logo, as told by a disaffected design team member:

16 Nov 2009
Paul Penrose

Bloomberg help desk saves balloon boy

A heart-warming story currently doing the rounds in financial circles. A trader at Natixis Bleichroeder Capital Management was apparently so distraught at the unfolding boy-in-the-balloon saga that he...

22 Oct 2009
Paul Penrose

The magstripe is finished

Police in Devon and Cornwall are warning the public to be extra-vigilant after discovering three card skimming devices at cash machines in the south of England. It's a mark of how far we've come that ...

23 Jun 2009
Paul Penrose

Building the bomb that blew up Manhattan

The man who wrote the software that became the industry-standard method for securitising mortgages tells all, in this mesmerising account of a 15-year career on Wall Street that runs from the go-go 8...

01 Apr 2009
Paul Penrose

What's the point of Twitter?

So, everyone's a'flutter over Twitter? I wouldn't count on it. Here at Finextra we set up our own Twitter feed last year, just as an experiment. To set the ball rolling, we identified all Community m...

27 Mar 2009
Finance 2.0
Paul Penrose

PCI compliance through the looking glass

This whole PCI DSS compliance thing is beginning to make my head hurt. Here, Visa chief enterprise risk officer Ellen Richey says: "PCI DSS remains an effective security tool when implemented pro...

19 Mar 2009
Paul Penrose

SFO to lift clear-up rates; invents new case in Ambridge

"Serious Fraud Office questioning Archers' Matt Crawford over possible fraud in Ambridge" That's the headline from a real piece of PR sent out by the real Serious Fraud Office about a probe ...

06 Mar 2009
Paul Penrose

Stat of the year: That ABN Amro valuation revisited

A variation on this stat has been doing the rounds for a few weeks now, so forgive me if you've seen it before. I picked this up from the aptly-named Doomsday Report blog. In October last year, RBS p...

10 Dec 2008
Finextra50 fintech index
Paul Penrose

Any fool can be a money mule

The Netherlands Bankers Association have launched their own inimitable viral-style Web campaign to alert people to the dangers of easy-money mule recruitment tactics (hat-tip to Linkdump). Although ...

26 Sep 2008
Video extravaganza
Paul Penrose

Swift's new logo shock

In protest at this 21st century corporate mania for re-branding I suggest we go back to the original source material (as legend has it) and give Swift a distinctively groovy, retro feel.

11 Sep 2008
Paul Penrose

How to slow down Faster Payments

In a last-ditch effort to avoid incurring another exorbitant penalty fee at my bank for (once again) overstepping my overdraft limits I authorised a transfer from my Internet-based savings account wit...

05 Sep 2008