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Retired Member

2014 - what a year it was

As the year 2014 comes to a close, I wanted to share some of my professional reflections and take the opportunity to send you all my very best wishes for a wonderful New Year. What a year it was - Fi...

30 Dec 2014
Steve Sprague

Aircraft engine repair firm pays 14 million for gov't bribes

International law officials are cracking down on corporations and firms that break the rules by bribing legislators and governmental leaders. The latest example comes out of Texas, where a well-known ...

29 Dec 2014
Electronic invoicing
Said Tabet

A Year of Financial Uncertainly

Despite news that employment figures are increasing, UK retail spend has bounced back and broader trends such as house sales continue to maintain a steady rhythm, it may appear externally that the m...

23 Dec 2014
Retired Member

Make the Most of your Investments - 5 Great Options For 2015

Investing always comes with loads of risk and uncertainty. Investors find themselves completely perplexed by so many investment options and are left wondering which one suit their risk profile better....

22 Dec 2014
Retired Member

AIFMD: Big challenges and big opportunities for custodians

I was asked recently which regulation I think is having the biggest impact on custodian banks in Europe. Many people would point to the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) or Basel III an...

19 Dec 2014
Retired Member

Slave to a label?

ESMA has just published a report on high-frequency trading (HFT) activity in EU equity markets. It’s good to see the regulator producing an empirical study on such a hotly-debated and emotive topic. ...

18 Dec 2014
Retired Member

Can better data governance mitigate the cyber threat?

The incidence of data breaches is mounting but organisations are increasingly struggling to identify what’s driving these attacks. Consulting firm PWC recently published research that provides food f...

17 Dec 2014
Retired Member

Banking on Your Future: BCBS 239

The last financial crisis has taught us many lessons, with one of the most significant being the importance of data risk management. And while the BCBS 239 paper’s 2016 deadline feels like a concern ...

12 Dec 2014
Tom Hay

PSD2 - The Payments World Turned Upside-Down?

PSD2, the regulation that will replace the current Payment Services Directive, has passed another milestone in its slow march towards legislation, having now entered the “trialogue” process. Adoption ...

12 Dec 2014
Retired Member

Designing Successful Cross-Border Payment Programs

Electronic commerce has made our world closer than ever. Sites like Etsy allow us to buy products from artisans around the world, Elance provides access to freelance consultants from all corners of th...

09 Dec 2014
Steve Sprague

Mexico Updates eAccounting focusing on Corporations for 2015

The Mexico SAT has doubled down on their eAccounting requirements with a focus on corporations. While 2014 data is no longer required, the core requirements are now more detailed. So while the go-live...

08 Dec 2014
Electronic invoicing
Retired Member

Last minute shopping in Europe

Imagine you are doing the last of your Christmas shopping – all that’s left to get is a large chunk of your favourite stock. Because you generally buy in bulk, you know to avoid the brightly lit but e...

05 Dec 2014