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Marking my 2016 homework and looking forward, my 2017 InsurTech year ahead.

06 Jan 2017

It's that time of year to reflect on the year that just passed us by in a what feels like a flash, mark my predictions from last year and throw some light on what I see 2017 holds in store for us all. In my post from this time last year (here) - I made a number of predictions, I wanted to recap on how I did. Feel free to jump in and see how close ...


Creating a customer centric business using RPA

16 Dec 2016

The focus for the last 10 years in insurance has been around how to streamline business processes to increase efficiency and create better experiences for customers and employees. New technologies including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have become one of the next big things, not just in this industry but across many. For insurance, promising t...


Frictionless Insurance in a land of utility

22 Aug 2016

Loic Le Muir who many will know from Le Web Conference and his new had a great interview with Alex Dayon, the President and Chief Product Officer at here about how owning a car is almost obsolete. It got me thinking while I was on the move, primarily about our entire shift to utility based living and what it means ...


When Connected Cars met the Dark Side

31 Jul 2015

Without any doubt, Connected Cars are one of the most exciting and interesting areas right now with focus from almost every sector, motor manufacturers, insurance providers, mobile and networks and so much more. The vast number of partnerships from Apple CarPlay to Spotify to mapping providers and more, it will be no doubt the most connected device...