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Retired Member

Agile not Fragile: Agile Project Managment

Agile works. The debate may rage on over its effectiveness as a software development approach, but if you stick to the fundamentals of project management, you will see impressive results. Some critics...

30 Mar 2014
Prerna Jyoti

Standardizing Loan Notices

FpML - A Step towards Increased Efficiency and Clarity of Communication Introduction Commercial lenders, in particular banks in the syndicated lending arena, have to deal with a large number of notice...

25 Mar 2014
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Mobile Banking First?

With the rapid expansion of smartphones and tablet devices, bank customers today are highly informed, relying on reviews and information published across social media channels, and do banking online 2...

24 Mar 2014
Nick Levy

Mind the gap between the customer and the platform

Customers? They’re more connected and empowered than ever. The result? Financial services providers need to focus on the creation of customer platforms that deliver a satisfying experience, as well as...

19 Mar 2014
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Omnichannel Fiasco 1: Standard Chartered Credit Card

I recently went through two omnichannel experiences, one that started well but went downhill soon thereafter and another that was a disaster from the beginning. Before I deep dive into my experiences...

18 Mar 2014
Retired Member

Rationalization: reduce complexity and innovate!

Let’s face it. Complexity is a fact of life in financial services. Mergers and acquisitions, organizational changes, and service offerings across multiple locations result in a maze of disparate and ...

13 Mar 2014
Retired Member

Mobile Technology in Banking

What does an Octopus and ‘mobile’ technology have in common? If trying to resolve multiple company goals simultaneously is like a game of ‘Whack a Mole,’ as noted in my last blog, can ‘mobile’ be the ...

12 Mar 2014
Daniel Eckstein

Credit card reconciliation! The unknown Problem

Not many credit card acquirers are aware of the fact that their customers might have a problem with the reconciliation of their transactions. Very few acquirers offer a decent solution that really hel...

11 Mar 2014
Retired Member

Great minds think alike? CIOs and CFOs

Cost reduction has become a strategic driver for businesses. As a result, tech-savvy CFOs are becoming the popular choice to lead technology investment decisions. But this paradigm shift in the CIO la...

09 Mar 2014
Retired Member

Showrooming - A Case of Jekyll and Hyde

On the face of it, showrooming seems bad news for ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers. However, it also highlights a real opportunity to drive more footfall, customer loyalty and, ultimately, sales. The sho...

05 Mar 2014
Retired Member

Who is next to break into banking?

In the last three years Tesco, Virgin Money and Metro Bank have entered the banking market as challengers to the big four UK banks - HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds and RBS. With customer trust in banks at all...

05 Mar 2014
Elton Cane

Good at maths? Ask your bank for a better mortgage rate

I came across an interesting blog post recently about how the untrained human brain is disadvantaged when it comes to recognising or thinking about big numbers. These limitations, and reliance on g...

03 Mar 2014
Future Finance