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Retired Member

Crisis: traditional thinking in rewards programs is useless

Banks have already substantially cut credit limits and it seems obvious that they should be giving out fewer cards than in the past, but you can’t really tell this with all the credit card marketing

22 Dec 2008
Retired Member

2009 - is that the year we all went online?

So ... I have been saying for a long time that the primary cause of plastic card transaction fraud is the idiot policies adopted by the issuing banks - I know how to win friends and influence people

22 Dec 2008
Richard Barr

Is it really all doom and gloom?

I just had a friend phone me to tell me that after almost 12 years at the same firm, he's being laid off. I had another friend phone me yesterday to tell me how horrible his job is now. A couple weeks...

15 Dec 2008
Olivier Berthier

Trade Finance sneaking back into the limelight

... as a saviour or a culprit? For years, trade finance has quietly gone about its own business providing the essential oil that keeps the cogs of commerce turning. It was never a dinner party topic a...

10 Dec 2008
Financial Supply Chain
Elton Cane

Vendor risk: The tables have turned

I was speaking to a software vendor last night who recently had a big project go live at one of the UK's largest banks. When the project was first signed, the vendor was quite a small company (though ...

10 Dec 2008
Finextra50 fintech index
Sriram Natarajan

LayAway - your credit card.....

The burgeoning financial crisis is throwing up some unique offerings to consumers. Consumers now have more options - both for products and methods of purchase. This festive season, if you don't relish...

08 Dec 2008
Retired Member

Waterslide Transit Systems

So ... Barclaycard have introduced a slide-and-go payment system that allows a punter to leave the office via an alternative exit, purchase a banana in the supermarket and then head off, via the libra...

03 Dec 2008
Retired Member

One loan to save them all?

The government’s recent colossal capital injection into the UK’s banks is obviously a good thing for all those with a vested interest in the banks. Increasing liquidity in inter-bank lending is one pi...

02 Dec 2008
Retired Member

Why doesn't anybody love me?

"In it's sixth Sepa progress report, the ECB welcomes the effort made so far, but stresses that work 'urgently remains to be done' to ensure the success of the Europe-wide project." You don'...

24 Nov 2008
Adam Nybäck

What's wrong with the UK?

They still use cash to pay bills in the UK in 2008? And now cash for paying things on the internet? This is just too weird.

22 Nov 2008
Paul Penrose

Contactless payments make prime time TV debut

Contactless payment technology is getting a big push in the UK courtesy of Barclays, which has started running a prime-time TV advertising campaign. The ad features an office drone travelling home fro...

20 Nov 2008
Video extravaganza
Retired Member

Helping to understand the challenges of Faster Payments are undertaking a survey into the current state and progression of the scheme following its public launch some months ago. We are interested in understanding an industry view of t...

19 Nov 2008
UK Faster Payments