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Bio Self employed system development consultant in the payment card industry in Scandinavia. Career History I started working in the payment card industry in 1996 as a programmer. Since then I've been working with various tasks relating to system development mostly in the payment card industry. I started my own company in 2006 and work as an independent consultant since then. Since 2010 I'm also developin



Android NFC still not for payments

13 May 2011

During the Google I/O conference this week there was a presentation called How to NFC. People who were hoping to hear about payments were in for a big disappointment. While the demonstrations were very interesting and innovative not a single one had anything to do with payments. By the end of the talk they mentioned that card emulation is still no...


Information Security

Use of 3rd parties in online banking

21 Apr 2011

It's certainly calming to know that Santander/A&L put the script there intentionally. However, some people (including the customer who first noticed this issue) continue the discussion and question the 3rd party as well as Santander's use of it. Some examples: "Even if advanced-web-analytics is legit. I can't see...

Information Security

Santander UK online bank attacked

19 Apr 2011

If you have logged in to your Santander (Alliance & Leicester) online bank recently your account may have been compromised. One of the bank's customers noticed this when he was prompted with an unusual SSL certificate warning for What first looked like a man-in-the-middle attack turned out to be an injection which tries to lo...


What's wrong with the UK?

22 Nov 2008

They still use cash to pay bills in the UK in 2008? And now cash for paying things on the internet? This is just too weird.