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Principal Associate at Citadel Advantage Ltd.
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Bio Richard holds a B.S. in International Business Administration from San Jose State University in California. His professional experience spans 20 years, 5 of which were spent with Wells Fargo Bank. Another 5 were spent honing his global banking skills, when Richard was intimately involved with Intern Career History He has spent extensive time servicing a diversity of financial institutional clients, in South Africa, Poland, Sweden, Ireland, Netherlands, Greece, Bermuda, Malawi, United Kingdom and across North America. Clients that Richard and Citadel Advantage have dealt with such notable firms as AIB Bank, Eu



Imagine a patent on the wheel.

27 Sep 2009

MONEYGRAM ORDERED TO PAY WESTERN UNION $16.5M IN PATENT CASE. Interesting issue - the patent question. Unless Western Union created processes that were truely innovative, how can you get a patent for what is essentially a common business practice? That's just a little less absurd thant getting a patent on the wheel. I question the innovation behi...


Moving beyond the economic swamp

22 Apr 2009

I find it ever so fascinating to scan the economic news each morning. Doing so reminds me that old curse "May you live in interesting times". As almost anyone will tell you, our world market situation is certainly interesting. What it is not, is enjoyable. Our goal as a civilization, and my goal as an individual professional in this mark...


Lehman Bros. didn't fail?

09 Feb 2009

What? Shouldn't the association with a major failure in the financial markets be enough to disqualify Xavier Rolet as the cheif of the world's leading exchanges? I could be mistaken but I don't think that failure should be rewarded. Any key executive of a failed investment firm should not be in a position that has sway over such a large component ...



Another 3 letter acronym we should all know - GRC

01 Feb 2009

Late last week I was at a 1-day conference on "GRC" in I.T. For the uninitiated; Governance, Risk , and Compliance or "GRC" is a term that reflects a new way in which organizations adopt an integrated approach to these three interrelated areas. However, GRCis often positioned as a single business activity, when in fact, it in...