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Samee Zafar

How Not To Digitise

A noted historian once observed that history is nothing but the unfolding of miscalculation. If this is true, then the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made history on November 8th when he ordere

28 Dec 2016
Retired Member

Need for multiple Aadhaar and Mobile number linkage to bank account - Cashless Economy in India

Most of the lower or middle income group families in India has only one member earning for the family, but almost everyone in the family has a role to spend for various expenses. This case is more rel...

15 Dec 2016
Alex Letts

APR: A Pile of Rubbish?

Don't know your APR from your EAR? Well maybe it's time for a human-friendly explanation of all the lending acronyms which, I reckoned, would only take a few minutes to write. It has taken 3 days to m...

13 Dec 2016
Vinod Sharma

FinClusion to Balance Gender Gap

Abstract – Focus around financial inclusion or in my language “Finclusion”. In a recent study it was discovered half of the world’s population, lag behind in access and usage of financial products and...

29 Nov 2016
Financial Inclusion
Retired Member

Autumn Statement and the Impact for UK FinTech

Today the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond announced the Autumn Statement 2016. “I want to tackle the long lasting problem of fastest growing start up tech firms being snapped up by bigger c...

23 Nov 2016
Retired Member

Technology at the heart of new lending models

The short to medium term lending market is diverse, comprising customers entering the credit market for the first time as well as those re-entering. The first-timers often include students or migran...

23 Nov 2016
Rob De Dominicis

Financial wellbeing crucial to personal wellbeing

A study by Barclays on financial wellbeing in the workplace found that almost half of us (46%) worry about money and for one in five it affects our sleep and our performance at work. Clearly our perso...

15 Nov 2016
Retired Member

UK FinTech Bridge to China

Today it is another significant milestone for the UK FinTech ecosystem as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) signed the Co-operation Agreement with the People's Bank of China. The purpose of this ...

11 Nov 2016
Retired Member

The next stage of fintech: war or peace?

Fintech is at a crossroads. On one hand, you have large traditional banks and a financial services industry with annual revenues of $5trillion; on the other, exciting young fintech firms looking to sh...

11 Nov 2016
Raj Singh

Untapped Banking Opportunities In Africa

There are huge, untapped banking opportunities in Africa and banks in the region need to step up to succeed. Retail banking in Africa is far from straightforward. As the world’s second largest and sec...

07 Nov 2016
Saurabha Sahu

An Innovative Financial Platform for Banking: Single Window Finance

This document is intended towards Banks, Financial Regulatory Authority and the Information technology organizations, who are working towards the innovative solution providing for the financial ecosys...

04 Nov 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

The impact of Brexit on Fintech in the UK

London has earned its title “Global Fintech City”, boasting a strong financial centre for successful tech-startups in the UK and a key regulator of the global fintech community. Brexit is hot news in ...

31 Oct 2016