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Brad Strock

New twists in the old story of card fraud

Card fraud has been around for almost as long as credit cards themselves. But since the U.S.’s first reported case in 1899,[1] fraudsters and their methods have become increasingly sophisticated and ...

19 Feb 2024
Banking and Lending Solutions
Ed Woodfield

Building a Real-Time Cyber Security Response to Real-Time Payment Fraud

The real-time payments industry is evolving and expanding. Today, real-time payments reach 65% of demand deposit accounts, and they are increasingly faster and more reliable. In the next five years, 9...

14 Feb 2024
Joris Lochy

Rethinking AML: A Call for Innovation and Efficiency

In the financial services sector, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) continues to be a topic of intense debate. Discussions oscillate between advocating for stricter regulations and questioning the extent of...

13 Feb 2024
Banking Regulations
Ben Parker

Navigating the perfect storm: global shocks, technological evolution, and the new regulatory maze

The global financial landscape is currently battling a variety of simultaneous shocks that have made it vulnerable to market abuse. In March of last year, Fabio Panetta, of the European Central Bank’s...

12 Feb 2024
Ketharaman Swaminathan

My Two Cents On PayTM Kerfuffle

PayTM is the first digital payment product I've used at scale in India. When RBI enforced the two factor authentication mandate for online payments, bill payments became a major PITA. By requiring use...

08 Feb 2024
Barley Laing

Preventing fraud in a globalised world

As migration increases and globalisation continues at pace, financial institutions around the world are having to review and verify a greater range of identification (ID) documents when onboarding cus...

02 Feb 2024
Digital Identity Management
Traci Krepper

Navigating the fraud landscape: 6 predictions for the year ahead

The evolving landscape of fraud in the financial sector demands a proactive approach to security. As criminals constantly refine their tactics to exploit vulnerabilities, the importance of predicting ...

01 Feb 2024
Trends in Financial Services
Luigi Wewege

Unmasking Digital Threats: The Dual Threat of Anonymity in Cybersecurity Breaches and Financial Scam

The surge in cybersecurity breaches and financial scams presents a significant challenge and it is an ever-present danger in a sector that is increasingly digitalized. The core issue lies in the anony...

30 Jan 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Hugo Chamberlain

The Evolution of KYC to KYX: Understanding Your Counterparties

In the realm of financial services and beyond, ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) has long been a foundational principle. Initially implemented as a means of combating money laundering, terrorist financing, a...

24 Jan 2024
Nick Green

Data contract flexibility: Benefits and strategies

Data contract flexibility makes a significant difference in how financial institutions respond to market shifts and manage spend. Why? Because with the right flexibility, institutions can align their...

18 Jan 2024
Nick Green

Overcoming bureau lock-in and leveraging multiple data feeds

An emerging pain point many financial institutions grapple with is ‘bureau lock-in’ – over-reliance on a single credit reporting agency (CRA). This data dependency narrows perspectives to one view, re...

17 Jan 2024
Ken Wan

Harnessing the Power of Monetary Oversight to Tackle Sophisticated Financial Fraud

Thank you to technological advances, it is becoming increasingly convenient for consumers to carry out online transactions, such as online purchases and money transfers by clicking on a link or using ...

11 Jan 2024

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