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Howard Berg

Why banks can be the driving force behind digital identity schemes

The first internet protocol, invented back in the 1960s, only allowed machines to talk to each other and could not enable the secure identification of the person using them. This was not a problem for...

04 Dec 2018
Rik Coeckelbergs

Employer branding in financial services: how to make the sector appealing again?

The financial services sector has a problem… it is not a hidden problem at the back of their systems, or… well… maybe they have, but that is not what I will be writing about. They have a problem with ...

01 Dec 2018
Retired Member

Banking For A Customer-First Era

Mobile is without doubt the present of banking and a pillar of the consumer’s pursuit for relevant, on-hand amenities. While digital doesn’t just mean good things for the customer; financial institut

28 Nov 2018
Retired Member

Legacy networks: Enemy number one for banks

For financial organisations looking to make the move to public cloud, outdated technology is proving to be a significant obstacle. With the sheer number of regulatory hoops they have to jump through,...

28 Nov 2018
Michael Carter

Collaboration between FinTechs and Financial institutions - win-win?

Instead of the predicted cannibalization, an evolution is taking place in both the new and traditional financial services models, as companies begin to collaborate rather than compete for greater mark...

27 Nov 2018
Retired Member

Putting the customer at the heart of it

A colleague of mine in the UK recently wanted to open a business account. She needed to get funds in quickly so she wanted a fast process and was happy to comply with whatever checks were required to ...

27 Nov 2018
Shailendra Malik

Ever-evolving use cases for RPA

RPA or (Robotic Process Automation) is a way to automate business processes by applying technology as a solution which is governed by business logic and structured inputs. There are many tools like Bl...

11 Nov 2018
Anthony Walton

Launching products is becoming more painful for banks

All banks find launching new products and making changes to their operating systems to be a painful process. As new technology is layered onto the old, the process of testing and launching is only goi...

05 Nov 2018
Retired Member

Let’s talk about Customer Experience

With the FCA and CMA mandating that large UK banks must publish information on how likely people would be to recommend their bank, it’s much easier for consumers and small businesses to compare the s...

01 Nov 2018
Bo Harald

Economy of Real Time

In the quest for better productivity in the global markets we have been listing huge levers like: - Economy of Scale - still important - even if IT-processing costs have been coming down - Economy of ...

30 Oct 2018
David Donovan

The Product Engineering Paradigm:Moving from idea to production at the speed of customer expectation

With all the acronyms in the digital world, let’s talk about one more: VUCA. The term itself is not new, but it describes the challenges businesses are facing today. Volatility, Uncertainty, Complex

29 Oct 2018
Naresh Kurup

Enriching the Journey Ahead With Exceptional Customer Lifecycle Management

(Concluding part of the 2-part blog on improving customer lifecycle management in banks) ‘Well begun is half done’ – Aristotle In the previous blog, we saw how financial institutions can initiate a ...

23 Oct 2018

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