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Dmitry Dolgorukov

CEO at GiniMachine
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Bio CEO and Co-Founder of, an AI-based credit scoring platform that fights bad loans. VP at HES FinTech, an established fintech product development company behind comprehensive lending solutions. In 2018, Dmitry was ranked as one of the top 200 Fintech leaders in Europe who contribute to the industry as influencers through action. In 2019, Dmitry was ranked as one of the most influential AI leaders in Eastern Europe. Since 2020 Dmitry Dolgorukov is a member of the Forbes Finance Council. Career History Over 15 years of experience in the IT sector and FinTech software development. Since 2010, a Fintech entrepreneur growing financial software companies - HES FinTech and GiniMachine.


Innovation in Financial Services

5 Trends To Transform Your Lending Business In 2023

22 Dec 2022

The past couple of years have been marked by uncertainty both in the financial industry and beyond, with a shift toward remote working, digital-first strategies and a growing e-commerce industry—increasing from $3.46 trillion in 2019 to $5.7 trillion in 2022. For lending organizations, this means that the way business is conducted has changed sign...


Preparing For The Holiday Season: Buy Now, Pay Later Versus POS Lending

02 Nov 2022

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Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

How To Reduce Abandonment Rates For Fintech Apps

06 Jul 2022

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, fintech transactions rose by 13% and their volume by 11%, indicating significant industry growth. However, two years in, we are facing another new reality as the fintech market starts to mature and consumer expectations evolve alongside it. Abandonment rates of fintech applications are rising with customers becom...


Financial Transformation

Key Learnings For Financial Brands To Use In 2022

23 Feb 2022

In the past couple of years, we’ve observed significant industry changes unlike ever before. 2020 was a year of reactive action to a global pandemic as companies and businesses scrambled to adjust to what was known as the ‘new normal.’ 2021 marked the acceleration of digital transformation, with over 97% of executives stating it increased the velo...

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Out-of-the-Box vs Custom vs Configurable Software: What’s for Lenders?

  Hi Ketharaman! I'm glad my considerations resonated with you, and that you have a lot to say. I like the way you define the software types. As we talk about financial software, there are lots of complete and incomplete synonyms (like ootb and cots), as well as detalizations and simply more frequently used vs less frequently used notions. And sometimes picking the right definition for a product is a trap.  I decided to single out three types according to the development (not deployment) model: custom (from scratch), ootb (readymade), configurable (combining the benefits of these two). According to this classification, SaaS would come in the second column I guess. Although, it very different from COTS deployed on-premises, you are totally right.    You gave me some food for thought with this "configurable" vs "assemblable" - however, in the case with my HES FinTech platform, I would say we offer configurable rather than assemblable, because it is more than a list of modules you can include or exclude - we offer a higher level of tailoring and meet very specific needs. Sure, there are vendors out there, who provide assemblable solutions. I know cases where they may be the right fit for some businesses, too.  Actually, any classification can be indistinct, so I really understand what you are talking about. I could write a separate article about SaaS, and the only reason why I didn't mention it here - I tried to be brief. Also, it's not my main interest.  But I would be pleased to read your thoughts about it. A new blog post maybe?) Hope I'll get a chance to read it and leave my comment.