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Simon Wilson

MD, Transaction Automation at valanticFSA
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Bio Helping customers transform to compete, collaborate and innovate at much lower cost Career History Over 20 years working with Financial Institutions, most recently focused on payments



Is Monetising Data the Key to Competing in Payments?

04 May 2021

As competition in payments has increased, data has long been touted as the cure-all for incumbent banks. If banks could charge a transaction fee for every time they are told that ‘data is the new oil’, then there would be no need to worry about competing. But the inconvenient truth is that despite the vast amount of customer data that banks sit on...


5 ways banks can compete in payments

21 Apr 2021

Remaining competitive in payments is the key to future relevance and profitability for incumbent banks. But with incumbents now competing on multiple fronts against various players, how can they stay ahead of the competition? 1) Reshape attitudes towards data With the competition eroding banks’ traditional margins, a shift from a transaction-b...


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2021 Predictions: Realising the Value of Payments Transformation

05 Feb 2021

It has been said that prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future. The unprecedented events of 2020 demonstrated quite how difficult it can be. The monumental uplifts in digital volumes, shifts in customer requirements and broader economic impact would have been (and frankly still are) barely conceivable. As such, financial ...