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Bio Nick is an experienced management consultant. He has worked in the IT industry for 15 years, specialising in the financial services sector. Career History I have worked in a number of consultancy roles and have been part of several large scale transformation initiatives for leading European retail and investment banks



Mind the gap between the customer and the platform

19 Mar 2014

Customers? They’re more connected and empowered than ever. The result? Financial services providers need to focus on the creation of customer platforms that deliver a satisfying experience, as well as the services and products they need. What do we mean by a platform? In short, a platform seeks to provide an experience that adds value to the user e...


Twinkle twinkle API, why do you make the CIO cry?

17 Dec 2013

Actually, it’s not an API, it’s the lack of one that can make the CIO cry. API (Application Programming Interface) refers to something quite technical and involves creating a technology capability which ensures the bank can be connected and flexible. They typically serve as a facade to complex back-end systems which provide the products and servic...


Customer alert - are banks listening to their customers?

03 Dec 2013

In every customer communication there’s one simple message: “I - the customer - have something to say.” But is anyone listening? It's as simple as ABC. A is for ANYTIME and ANY WAY. Banking customers talk to their banks at any time they need them, not just 9 to 5, and not in ways that banks can always control. Customers expect the freedom to con...


Will video replace the telephone in banking?

05 Nov 2013

With the growing adoption of smart phones, iPads and video-enabled devices, banks now have the ability to implement new channels, including video, for connecting with their customers. And, with the desire to create powerful emotional connections with the customer, video may just replace the telephone. Telephony service remains a vital way for cust...