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Yahya Mohamed Mao

Yahya Mohamed Mao

Head of Business Development & Marketing at Swiss GRC
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Bio Yahya Mohamed is a Marketing Specialist, Author, Advisor and Startup Mentor with a proven track record in marketing strategy, digital marketing, content management, social media management, and business development. He is the author of several books including The multidimensional characteristics of modern marketing as well as Managing risk and uncertainty in the innovation process. Yahya has been invited to speak at international conferences including AIBC Summit Malta & Dubai, DMEA Connecting Digital Health Berlin, The Wall Street Journal, Affiliate Grand Slam Dubai, The Ortus Club, and more. Career History Yahya has completed a multinational education path across Germany, France and England enabling him to speak five languages fluently. He is a graduate from the University of Strasbourg with Master's degree in Economics and Management of Innovation and has published several articles and books including Barrier to innovation: The not-invented-here (NIH) syndrome and The multidimensional characteristics of modern marketing. In his most recent role, Yahya is responsible for Business Development and Marketing at Swiss GRC, a leading software and consulting company focused on governance, risk and compliance (GRC).


Financial Transformation

Revolutionizing Finance: The EU's Digital Finance Package and Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030

12 Jun 2023

In the race to embrace digital transformation, both the European Union and Saudi Arabia have embarked on distinct journeys. The EU, represented by its Digital Finance Package, seeks to revolutionize its financial landscape, while Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 propels it towards a diversified economy. This article examines the progress made by both re...


Swiss Banking Titans Unite: UBS Comes to Credit Suisse's Rescue

21 Mar 2023

In a remarkable turn of events in the Swiss banking sector, UBS has come to the rescue of Credit Suisse, a move that has garnered much attention in the financial world. This article examines the recent developments that led to this significant decision, as well as the implications it may have on the industry and clients of both banks. The Backgrou...

Fintech innovation and startups

10 FinTech Trends to Watch in 2023: Staying Ahead in the Digital Finance Revolution

21 Feb 2023

Fintech, or financial technology, is transforming the way we manage our money. From mobile banking to cryptocurrency, there are a multitude of innovative financial products and services that are changing the financial landscape. In 2023, there are 10 fintech trends that are particularly noteworthy, including the rise of decentralized finance, the ...

Banking Regulations

Current initiatives on climate-related financial risks

05 Dec 2022

Central banks and financial supervisors worldwide are making progress in the identification, assessment, and management of climate-related financial risks. Banks are increasingly being required by regulators to address climate risk. Some have begun, but many must still develop plans, build capabilities, and develop risk-management frameworks. Pr...