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Operational Risk Management

DORA – Navigating the EU’s Operational Resilience Landscape

10 Apr 2024

DORA – Bolstering and Harmonising Operational Resilience Across the EU. See full article at The EU’s DORA is inevitable and will have rippling effects beyond the union. It supersedes previous industry-specific operational resilience guidelines and overcomes nationa...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

What Does AI Mean For Market Data and Financial Services?

17 May 2023

AI and Human Expertise Hybrid Is The Optimal Solution Interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has skyrocketed. This article consolidates everything you need to know right now, from current developments to how AI is already impacting the financial sector including the AI potential, costs and employment impacts. It concludes AI has massive potentia...

Cloud Migration

Cloud Market Data – The Sentiments, Challenges and The Expert

05 Apr 2023

Architect As Cloud-Native As Possible For Better Cost & Functionality Outcomes Contributors: Peter Williams, Chief Technology Officer at CJC. Digital transformation in financial services and modernising legacy data infrastructure has been a long-standing debate, nothing more. That is until cloud-native disruptors like Starling Bank appeared. T...

Capital Markets Technology

Lifting The Fog – Finding The Optimal Market Data Architecture

02 Feb 2023

Market Data Over The Next Decade is About Preparation Managing market data has never been as exciting (or complex). Discovering the cloud’s potential to displace legacy market data environments, financial institutions have adopted a cloud-first mentality and are openly embracing the technology for its reported benefits. The decade-long partnership...