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Trust is the essential oil needed to make data flow in today’s transactional era. However, privacy and security concerns mean that many people and organisations are increasingly unwilling to share their data. We believe that data sovereignty forms the cornerstone of digital trust. Making data sovereignty a key design principle will stimulate data sharing as the basis for enabling everyone – not just the big tech giants, but also all other businesses, organisations and especially citizens.

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Adam Lieberman

Why PySyft is the open-source hero technology the world needs

Data is the most valuable resource we have today when it comes to solving our greatest challenges. With the right data, and enough of it, there is no limit to the compelling use cases we can create. I...

10 Oct 2022
Greg Woolf

Collaboration: Your Best Line of Defense Against Fraud

When harnessed correctly, collaboration is an extremely powerful tool. It drives innovation, increases chances of success, improves communication...the list goes on. But did you know that collaboratio...

20 Jul 2022
Ron Benegbi

Alternative data: Using macro data points to understand SMB financial performance

A constant and long-standing pain-point for SMBs has been the difficulty they face in securing financing compared to their larger peers. This has been due in large part to the traditional banks consid...

20 Oct 2021
Howard Berg

Banking data – who owns it?

Banks have long been the custodians of our financial assets – our money, credentials, and our data – and the heart of our society. However, as digitisation has developed, so has the realisation of the...

19 May 2021
Shikko Nijland

Digital Sustainability: call to action against global data pollution

I'm convinced this year will be a decisive turning point in the war against a creeping yet potentially devastating type of pollution. This is the 'data pollution' which threatens to overwhelm our digi...

26 Jan 2021
Jussi Karjalainen

Data driven business intelligence begins with data integration

- Top tips for getting your finance and procurement data in order. We are all striving for the ability to make data-driven decisions. Whether it is using data to find patterns, identify emerging trend...

28 Oct 2020

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