Adam Lieberman

Adam Lieberman

Head of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at Finastra
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Bio Leveraging my background in mathematics and computer science, I am responsible for applying cutting edge machine learning research and development to innovate in the financial industry. Innovation is key and I work with my data science teams to use the latest emerging technologies to conceptualize and quickly turn proof of concepts to production-grade products and services across all of Finastra's financial lines of business.


Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

How Web3 is driving social and financial empowerment

31 May 2023

In recent years, Web3 has been put forward as the most significant democratic revolution in the digital space. With big tech monopolies governing the exchange and monetisation of information today, the promise of Web3 is the empowerment of users when it comes to the ownership and sharing of data. The decentralisation of ownership is expanding to i...

Data sharing

Why PySyft is the open-source hero technology the world needs

10 Oct 2022

Data is the most valuable resource we have today when it comes to solving our greatest challenges. With the right data, and enough of it, there is no limit to the compelling use cases we can create. Imagine a world where we could stop financial crimes like money laundering, help reduce the number of deaths due to breast cancer, and more accurately...

Long reads

Five Predictions for the use of AI in Fintech

15 Jan 2021

In the year ahead, organisations across financial services will be turning to the technologies that can deliver the most value in a short amount of time. Inevitably, AI and machine learning, and a focus on harnessing data, will be key to bolstering business strategies and enabling new areas of growth. There are, however, immediate challenges that ...