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Adam Lieberman

Adam Lieberman

Head of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at Finastra
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Bio Leveraging my background in mathematics and computer science, I am responsible for applying cutting edge machine learning research and development to innovate in the financial industry. Innovation is key and I work with my data science teams to use the latest emerging technologies to conceptualize and quickly turn proof of concepts to production-grade products and services across all of Finastra's financial lines of business.


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Is synthetic data the key to the next data boom in financial services?

27 Nov 2020

Across industries, data is recognised as an organisation’s most valuable asset. From data comes knowledge and new insights that can be used to improve every function of a business, from new and better products and services for customers, to operational efficiencies. As data strategies mature, firms are turning an increasingly expectant eye toward ...