Adam Lieberman

Adam Lieberman

Chief AI Officer at Finastra
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Bio Leveraging my background in mathematics and computer science, I am responsible for applying cutting edge machine learning research and development to innovate in the financial industry. Innovation is key and I work with my data science teams to use the latest emerging technologies to conceptualize and quickly turn proof of concepts to production-grade products and services across all of Finastra's financial lines of business.


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Exploring Gen AI use cases in financial services

28 May 2024

With the explosion of Gen AI in recent times, financial services organizations are looking to harness the technology to its fullest potential. Early forms of generative AI have been used across the industry for a decade, particularly in the form of synthetic data generation, but fear and fascination dominate boardroom conversations in equal mea

Artificial Intelligence

Which Gen AI use cases are emerging as the most popular?

04 Jan 2024

Generative AI made a huge impact in 2023 – with the majority of financial services recognizing its potential to offer wide-ranging benefits and moving quickly to start exploring its implementation within their organizations. But what specific use cases are proving the most popular so far? This is a question we posed as part of our recent State of...

Long reads

Five Predictions for the use of AI in Fintech

15 Jan 2021

In the year ahead, organisations across financial services will be turning to the technologies that can deliver the most value in a short amount of time. Inevitably, AI and machine learning, and a focus on harnessing data, will be key to bolstering business strategies and enabling new areas of growth. There are, however, immediate challenges that ...