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Adam Lieberman

Adam Lieberman

Head of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at Finastra
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Bio Leveraging my background in mathematics and computer science, I am responsible for applying cutting edge machine learning research and development to innovate in the financial industry. Innovation is key and I work with my data science teams to use the latest emerging technologies to conceptualize and quickly turn proof of concepts to production-grade products and services across all of Finastra's financial lines of business.


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Fairness and freedom: The value of machine unlearning in financial services

17 May 2022

Today, businesses rely on predictive models for a multitude of reasons. At the very least, they enable novel insights that can streamline internal processes; at the most, they are essential drivers of growth and critical to business operations. Therefore, it is no surprise that data scientists spend a lot of time building these models. To keep mod...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

The hidden causes of algorithmic unfairness

19 Oct 2021

Having covered the importance of defining algorithmic fairness in an earlier article, I would now like to discuss the factors that can lead to model unfairness in more detail. Data and Bias Data collection is an amazing and fascinating field of study and there is a real science to collecting and maintaining high-quality datasets. There are also ma...

Long reads

Five Predictions for the use of AI in Fintech

15 Jan 2021

In the year ahead, organisations across financial services will be turning to the technologies that can deliver the most value in a short amount of time. Inevitably, AI and machine learning, and a focus on harnessing data, will be key to bolstering business strategies and enabling new areas of growth. There are, however, immediate challenges that ...