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Howard Berg

Senior Vice President & Managing Director at Gemalto UK
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Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Why banks can be the driving force behind digital identity schemes

04 Dec 2018

The first internet protocol, invented back in the 1960s, only allowed machines to talk to each other and could not enable the secure identification of the person using them. This was not a problem for the first generation of internet users, who trusted the website they were on. But as the number of organisations offering services online increased,...



Biometric Payment Cards: The Next Payment Revolution

12 Nov 2018

Over the last 20 years, biometric technology has permeated our everyday lives whether we’ve realised it or not. We’ve been scanning our prints and faces at border control and using Apple’s Touch ID and facial recognition features on our smartphones, through to using our fingertips to get access to highly secure buildings. Despite this, biometric s...


Mobile banking is shifting gears with PDS2

25 Aug 2017

Mobile devices are the backbone of digital transformation, enabling new innovations such as smart cities and connected cars. But they are also the backbone of disruption in the digital banking world. They can transform a bank from a distant place you go to occasionally, when you need something in particular, to a trusted partner who is always the


Delivering Strong Customer Authentication in the Banking Sector

21 Aug 2017

When innovations start to create real value, the authorities start to regulate. So if you want to see where value is being created, have a look at where new regulations are coming into force. The digital revolution is one example. It is changing nearly all business sectors, and financial services is no exception. In fact, things have changed so m...