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Data sharing

The cultural hurdle AML must overcome to combat money mules

12 Mar 2024

It's difficult to overstate just how large a problem money muling is. This notoriously elusive financial crime is an unrelenting stressor on banks and payment systems processors, and connected to $4.9 trillion worth of laundered money. Incredibly, this staggering figure is set to rise further. Is money muling evolving faster than we can react? The ...

Data Management and Governance

Intelligently automating pKYC: the benefits in ‘context’

20 Sep 2022

Compliance is costly. Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance in adherence with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) regulations can account for anywhere between 3% and 30% of a bank’s total operational costs. In 2020 reports suggested that global spending on compliance topped $213 billion. And that figure could be conserv...

Digital Identity Management

Why ‘Identify Profiles’ will help de-risk inclusive customer on-boarding

29 Jun 2022

Identity verification. Two small words that can throw up some big barriers. Justifiably so, given that the purpose of checking ID is to make sure that the right people get access to the right things. And that the wrong people, don’t. But what if the right people are denied access? What if a person is in real need of a loan to make their business pl...