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Angus Burrell

Angus Burrell

VP Global Omnichannel Strategy at PayComplete
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Bio Angus Burrell is VP Global Omnichannel Strategy & Head of Global Marketing at PayComplete, a cash management platform that allows businesses to modernise and optimise cash-based transactions.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Why cash legislation is critical for the growth of banking hubs.

07 Sep 2023

Earlier this month, the UK treasury announced plans to fine banks if they fail to provide citizens with access to free cash withdrawal and deposit services ‘where they live’. The boundaries have been set at one mile in town centres, and three miles in rural areas. The move comes as the UK’s high streets continue to evolve. Once a hub for commerce,...


Coutts Bank’s Nigel Farage saga is a reminder that access to digital payments is a privilege

25 Aug 2023

Should access to digital payments be a right, rather than a privilege? This question has come into sharp focus in recent weeks in the UK after a high-profile dispute between former politician Nigel Farage - a controversial divisive figure in British politics after his high-profile campaigning for Brexit - and Coutts Bank, who had decided to close ...


Digital Banking

Online banking outages warn us against developing digital dependency

08 Aug 2023

The rise of digital banking, and challenger banks, have without doubt been a positive thing overall. Digital payment acceptance and the growth of ecommerce has allowed new, digital-first services to emerge, increasing consumer choice. But in embracing digital, the decline of cash payments has prompted many businesses to go cashless - which reduces ...

Data sharing

Can fintechs help retailers grow advertising revenue?

04 Jul 2023

Through the 2010s, Alphabet and Meta grew to become the twin titans of digital advertising - known as the duopoly - with Facebook & Instagram dominating mobile and with Google dominating search and web-based display ads. But while digital ad spend has continued to rise overall, their share has declined from its 2017 peak of 55 per cent ownersh...