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Adrian Sargent

The influence of regulation on liquidity: from problem to solution.

Writen by Colin Weir Associate at Carlyle - Executive Search insights provided by Adrian Sargent The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted that financial stress events can occur with little prior warning an...

15 h
Banking Regulations
Carlo R.W. De Meijer

How SMEs should select a BAAS platform?

In my last blog BAAS and SMEs: New Opportunities I explained what Blockchain-as-a-Service is, where it could be used for and what the benefits are for SMEs. But another question is: how should SMEs se...

18 h
Blockchain Observations
Adam Holden

Are the COVID-19 UK Government Loans a Help or Hindrance to the UK Economy?

The government's recent Bounce Back Loan Scheme has been a lifeline for small businesses struggling under the economic pressure of the pandemic. With more than £14bn lent to SMEs and sole traders, the...

29 May 2020
John Burgos

The global acquiring landscape redefined

Fintech start-ups are known for being agile and efficient and they now have their eyes on the banks’ revenue sweet spot. These new entrants, have a well-established online presence, they are targeting...

29 May 2020
Fintech, you get me!
David Clee

RegTech on the rise as FinTech seeks to remain compliant and competitive

Whilst lockdowns are being lifted in some parts of the world, few expect a return to pre-coronavirus norms. However, while work-life habits may have changed, in sectors such as FinTech working pattern...

29 May 2020
Financial Services Regulation
Mike Kiser

How Identity is Securely Unlocking the SME Banking Market

Have an identification card in your wallet? With a selfie and a few short minutes, you could have access to a business bank account. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have long been the fuel that d...

29 May 2020
Freddie McMahon

The dangerous risk of interactions with regulation

Now is the time to challenge convention Our interactions with regulation play a ubiquitous and increasing role in the world economy. Individuals and organizations interact with regulation to ensure co...

28 May 2020
Financial Services Regulation
Hannes Van Rensburg

Managing fraud through chat is better for businesses and users

As digitalization has transformed businesses the ever-present threat of fraud has grown exponentially. However, banks and their users are increasingly realizing that using chat platforms to manage and...

28 May 2020
Finance 2.0
Yamen Bousrih

T2T2S: 2021 or 2022 ? That's the question !

After the announcement by Swift to postpone the ISO20022’s go live for X-Border payments, we highlighted (based on the ECB’s decision to maintain ESMIG and T2-T2S go live for 2021) that this will hav...

28 May 2020
Thomas Pintelon

Social distancing and Financial distancing - New counterparty risk models

The impact of the current crisis on counterparty risk models One could argue, that in a similar way that social distancing can limit the epidemic spread in the current health crisis, applying correct ...

27 May 2020
Financial Risk Management
Dale Eastham

Music concerts with Micrashells. Is this the way forward for financial advisors?

Maintaining the Adviser and Customer personal relationship. Face to face is obviously always going to be the best option; sadly, with social distancing, we have to come up with the next best thing. Co...

27 May 2020
Digital Banking Trends
Doug Gross

6 customer relationship tips during the crisis

Recently we were Finextra’s guest for a webinar on 'Big Data: Empowering banks to drive customer-centricity'. We shared insights on how we see the banking industry changing due to several causes. An o...

26 May 2020