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Disappearing market abuse !

Where has the market abuse / manipulation gone to?

Has "flash boys " provided the catalyst  to regulators and exchanges to rid us of market abuse and manipulation  ?

   It has not gone unnoticed that since April 1st  our markets have finally decided to act on a decade of ignoring blatant abuses in our exchanges .  I have been a fierce critic of both exchange supervision and uneducated regulators who ignored  abusive traders  and failed to provide "fair and orderly markets ." Therefore I must praise them in finally cleaning their act up and restoring vital lost confidence in our market place . Although volumes have yet to return the absence of any abuse has been clearly noted by its membership .

    However the quandary of what the regulators were either looking at or ignoring still needs addressing as it stretched over a decade and  profited both abusive traders and several exchange staff who gained via shares or bonuses  whilst honest traders suffered from having their pockets constantly picked .  The remedy appears to have been simple and along the lines of "zero tolerance !"   Hopefully the "cheetahs " have left our shores and if "flash boys " accelerated this remedy then it has my blessing .


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