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A post relating to this item from Finextra:

Spammers launch MP3 pump and dump scam

26 October 2007  |  7110 views  |  0
In a new twist to market manipulation schemes, fraudsters are now using MP3 files to promote stock for pump and dump scams.

iPod pump and dump scammers need to be slicker than this...

26 October 2007  |  3376 views  |  0

Just listened to the example pump and dump MP3 mentioned on Finextra

I've heard some rubbish MP3s in my time. Hey - I've created some, but surely no one is going to fall for this? This sounds like a dalek that's had a few too many gin and tonics. There is probably scope here for a slick celebrity sound-alike voiceover atop some fashionable background music from the hit parade.

If the voice sounded like Carol Vorderman, Kylie - or hey - the lead singer from Sex Panther - then it might fool a few folk. Let's hope the scammers never get a mac.

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