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Beware HMRC Tax Rebate scam e-mails

Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) announced last week that 6 million people in the UK will be told they have paid the wrong amount of Income Tax, with other reports saying that 1.4 million will be told they owe an average of £1,400.

Othr reports say that more than 10 million people may be in line for a Tax Refund.

This wll lead to a fresh campaign of spam emails that direct users to complete an online refund form, requesting Name, Address, Date of Birth, Phone Number Mother's Maiden Name, and Credit/Debit Card for the refund to be paid to.

HMRC are saying that they will not be e-mailing anyone, but all notifications will be via snail mail onto your doormat, and any refunds will be in the form of Cheques.

So ignore all e-mail communications purporting to be from HMRC.

Maybe this is one example where we should be grateful to HMRC for not being 100% electronic. 


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