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Important meetings

In  Madrid

and in   Paris

My message in short:

1. the point is not dematerialization of transporting invoices  โ€“ it is the automation of all administrative processes that is enabled

2. it is possible to cut the cost of administrative burden โ€“ especially for SMEs โ€“ sooner with strong will both from their side and from regulators.

3. without banks joining in progress will be slow and expensive - and automation of payments, financing and risk mitigation not possible

4. Europe cannot afford to miss this megaclass productivity opportunity

5. the EU Commission kicked the ball to the Expert Group - now it has been kicked back in the form of a very thorough final report

6. great progress has been made with VAT-directive for equal treatment and ISO-standardization

7. But no commercial constellation can create the next phase - a functioning x-EU 4-corner network on their own - so the commission has to kick the ball back into play - soon


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