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I cannot see around the corner..

Too often I tend to forget that I cannot see around the corner. This means that I am spending too much time in trying to imagine the future. Instead I should take my vision and passion and go around the corner - as almost always before there is something unexpectedly simple and positive waiting.

Take the example of e-invoicing. We did have the feeling that digitalizing this omnipresent document layer will open up totally new opportunities - so we pressed ahead with preaching and promoting - making the market. And when we got around the corner there was the accounting profession waiting with a question: "Can we not now entirely automate the cash based accounting for SMEs by simply attaching the e-invoice copy to the electronic bank account statement?" 

Of course we can - and it is easy - and it leads to further layers of real time automation. So just keep going - testing out thoughts, interacting, thinking the unthinkable in innovation processes - and you will be around the next corner far ahead of those who spend too much time at trying to predict and prognose the future - as "exactly wrong as possible."


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Bo Harald

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