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MoneyGram ordered to pay Western Union $16.5m in patent case

A federal jury in Texas has ordered MoneyGram to pay rival outfit Western Union $16.53 million in damages for patent infringement.

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Imagine a patent on the wheel.

MONEYGRAM ORDERED TO PAY WESTERN UNION $16.5M IN PATENT CASE. Interesting issue - the patent question. Unless  Western Union created processes that were truely innovative, how can you get a patent for what is essentially a common business practice? That's just a little less absurd thant getting a patent on the wheel. I question the innovation behind Western Union's two step solution. Perhaps one can patent the process for preparing instant coffee - 1 teaspoon instant coffee in mug; add boiling water; add sweetener & milk according to preference; stir - think of the royalties at 1 cent a cup. 


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