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Time for Credential Fest

The planned MyData conference in Helsinki in May/June 2025 should carry the name Credential Fest.

There first of all central and local governments should be given the opportunity to list all credentials they issue to already now already citizen and organisation wallets. Followed by lists of forthcoming ones and how they themselves use organisation wallets for incoming credentials as verifiers - especially from enterprises.

This means that they have created the popular demand that will make it easy for enterprises to start sharing verified data amongst themselves, to and from employees, citizens and things. This is the only way to safely and swiftly cross the death valley after hefty investments in EU-legislation and make sure that all wallets will be general purpose and interoperable without technical integrations and contracts between the parties.

By then of course many large organisations have seen the societal responsibility, huge cost and risk cutting potential and opportunity to take services to new levels and AI more ethical and efficient. They should also be honoured and offered to take to the stage.

MyData had two main goals. Make it right and make it happen. Make it right is embedded in EU-legislation. Make it happen is now in the hands of the politicians.


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