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Jack Straw hit by hackers

Justice secretary Jack Straw is plastered all over the papers this morning after it emerged his hotmail account has been hacked by Nigerian scammers.

The crims used the account to e-mail hundreds of Straw's contacts - including constituents, Labour party members and council bosses - claiming the MP was stuck in Lagos after losing his wallet.

The e-mail asked for $3000 to get Jack home. No one obliged.

Does this demonstrate improved public awareness on Internet scams or just a distinct lack of concern about Straw's wellbeing? The victim told the Lancashire Telegraph, and no doubt himself, no one fell for the scam because it "was so obviously ridiculous".

It's not known how the hackers got into Straw's account. It could be malware or the scammers might have just guessed his password - I quite like Charles Arther's punt in the Guardian: iraqdoeshaveWMDsIamsure. 


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