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Why SuperApps Are Planning Crypto Rewards

Fintechs have the super high CAC
They need high ARPU by acting as one-stop-shops
So SuperApps are planning Crypto Rewards — Details 👇

They all are chasing growth in a regulated environment with similar products. They fiercely compete to acquire the customer even at a high cost.

One needs a high ARPU to sustain high CAC

In a price-sensitive market - your ability to sell cross-sell will decide your survival. 

To cross-sell one requires :
1) Service aggregation 
2) Loyal Customer base

 platform makes service aggregation seamless. 
And for Customer Loyalty 👉 A comprehensive rewards program is the most efficient tool.

This is where a freely traded crypto rewards scheme makes fintech stand apart. Using your cryptocurrency to reward customers is a novel pathbreaking concept.

❝ It will create a community of hyper-loyal customer base ❞

Blockchain based Rewards Program can track and distribute :
Rewards points, Coupons, or other loyalty program benefits.

Here the technology is leveraged to verify customer identities and prevent fraud. It also provides much-required immutability and transparency for the users.

Freely traded rewards point are the most desirable as it is liquid and global.

✅ These rewards can be a unique feature in a regulated product market. They can create a pull for the product and have a high probability to go viral ❗️

���� Brazilian NeoBanking Platform Nubank rewards Nucoin is an example
It will be distributed for discounts to their 70 Mn customers and will be traded in the crypto market.

This transforms fintech offering from a sales-led model → product-led model


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