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Bio CoFounder & CEO of www.PayNet.pro -- We provide a White-labeled Neo Banking Platform -- You can connect with me at www.linkedin.com/in/abhinavpaliwal


Digital Banking Trends

Why SuperApps Are Planning Crypto Rewards

22 Dec 2022

Fintechs have the super high CAC They need high ARPU by acting as one-stop-shops So SuperApps are planning Crypto Rewards — Details 👇 They all are chasing growth in a regulated environment with similar products. They fiercely compete to acquire the customer even at a high cost. One needs a high ARPU to sustain high CAC. In a price-sensitive ma...

Cryptocurrency Insights

Biggest risk of issuing CBDC

01 Aug 2022

Biggest risk of issuing CBDC → Irrelevance e-Naira is Nigeria’s CBDC isn’t getting much adoption Here is WHY Consumers are ignoring CDBT 👇 What is eNaira ? The eNaira is the digital form of a national currency which uses blockchain tech. It is pegged at parity with physical Naira. Central Bank of Nigeria envisaged 🧐 multiple benefits for e-Nair...

Digital Banking Trends

UK NeoBank Starling Reported Its 1st Annual Profit

25 Jul 2022

UK NeoBanking Platform Starling reported its 1st annual profit 💰 $38M PBT (profit before tax) $225M revenue (93% YoY growth) $3.96 bn loan book (45% YoY growth) 600K new customer accounts added The UK fintech unicorn has more than two million customer accounts, including more than 300,000 small business accounts. Its total lending exceeds $ 2Bn ...

Open Banking

How Can a Bank Start Offering BaaS

20 Jun 2022

While COVID has thrown traditional banking operations in disarray but it has also established new fintechs in the financial services business. With the Central bank’s push toward digitalisation, we can safely assume that this trend will inevitably make fintech proliferate deeper into the incumbent bank’s market. Fintechs like Open, Bajaj Financ...