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Settlement begins

At last weeks EMXCo quarterly update Max Wright their CEO and mastermind leading the way in bringing STP into the investment funds announced the exciting news that they have the first firm using settlement messages. The packed audience of distributer's, brokers and fund managers almost purred with appreciation. This really is breaking new ground for EMXCo and they are now answering their critics in the best way possible. EMXCo delivers what it says it will and gives its users what they want.

There is no doubt that the initial users of settlement messaging will be quickly followed by others and hopefully this no brainer solution will accelerate as fast as possible to all brokers and fund managers across the UK and mainland Europe.

I also learned from the audience that EMXCo are making good strides all over Europe and even further afield. It looks like they are really setting a fast pace, which is making others play catch up, with their efforts to bring STP to the investment funds space.

Max told the audience that now that EMX settlement messages have been put into live operation it's up to the "market to take them up" and I hope that this call to action will be heeded and financial services firms match the achievements of EMXCo in getting STP a step closer.


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