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Arnaud Crouzet

Arnaud Crouzet

Vice President Security & Consulting at FIME
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Bio Arnaud Crouzet is Vice President Consulting. He is heading up the consultancy offerings, helping schemes, banks and merchants to secure, automate and digitize payments while improving the buying experience. Career History Prior, Arnaud was at Auchan Group since 2010. He was Global Head of Payments Means, in charge of the payments strategy. In June 2018, he has created the company ARIPay, an Electronic Payment Entity for Auchan Retail, in which he was CEO. From 2012 to 2015 he was General Manager of the ASAP company, an Auchan Supply Chain Finance program he created, and he stayed as Administrator from 2015 to 2017. Prior to joining Auchan, Arnaud was Chief Marketing Officer at Jware Technologies, a company which developed secure payment solutions from the issuing up to the acquiring, for banks and processors. Previously, he created a dedicated American Express subsidiary company, where he was Chief Operations Officer, in charge of the operations and the business development. He launched this activity at Ingenico Group as Program Director. Previously, he was in the telecommunication sector at Sirti, a Telecom Italia Group company, and then at Firstmark operator.



nexo standards: simplifying payments one transaction at a time.

21 Nov 2023

In the constantly evolving payments landscape, technological developments move fast, and stakeholders need to keep up with changing consumer demands. But the reality of payment acceptance can be much slower. Many stakeholders work with proprietary messages to enable acceptance. These can be costly to maintain, complex to update and differ by count...


EMV® 3DS: what do domestic schemes need to know?

31 Jul 2023

Domestic schemes in many countries have grown from strength to strength, digitalizing and innovating to keep up with their international counterparts. One area where it is especially important to keep pace is cardholder authentication. It is imperative that domestic schemes provide state of the art security without inhibiting the user experience. ...

Frictionless Payments

Payment is a strategic differentiator for domestic schemes

10 Jul 2023

For merchants, the payment experience has become business critical, and vital to their relationships with customers. They need frictionless payments that are integrated into the customer buying journey. In today's digital age, payments have become increasingly strategic for merchants, especially when it comes to their customer relationships. Paymen...

The future of Payments in Europe

EPI: how to build trust and adoption among consumers and merchants?

01 Dec 2021

What is EPI? The European Payments Initiative (EPI) is aiming to provide a pan-European payments solution. EPI aims to set itself apart from other payment methods and address the challenges created by the fragmentation of the European payments landscape. Some of the EU's biggest banks are already members of EPI, and several more are anticipated to ...