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Arnaud Crouzet

Arnaud Crouzet

Vice President Security & Consulting at FIME
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Bio Arnaud Crouzet is Vice President Consulting. He is heading up the consultancy offerings, helping schemes, banks and merchants to secure, automate and digitize payments while improving the buying experience. Career History Prior, Arnaud was at Auchan Group since 2010. He was Global Head of Payments Means, in charge of the payments strategy. In June 2018, he has created the company ARIPay, an Electronic Payment Entity for Auchan Retail, in which he was CEO. From 2012 to 2015 he was General Manager of the ASAP company, an Auchan Supply Chain Finance program he created, and he stayed as Administrator from 2015 to 2017. Prior to joining Auchan, Arnaud was Chief Marketing Officer at Jware Technologies, a company which developed secure payment solutions from the issuing up to the acquiring, for banks and processors. Previously, he created a dedicated American Express subsidiary company, where he was Chief Operations Officer, in charge of the operations and the business development. He launched this activity at Ingenico Group as Program Director. Previously, he was in the telecommunication sector at Sirti, a Telecom Italia Group company, and then at Firstmark operator.


The future of Payments in Europe

A new vision of payments: What is the European Payments Initiative?

11 Nov 2020

The newly-established European Payments Initiative promises a new vision of payments. Innovative use cases will be made available to consumers across Europe for the first time. There’s strong backing for the project already among financial institutions and the European Central Bank, making it likely to succeed. With the first phase due to start in...