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Unattainable Wealth

On July 7, 2020, I have published another of the WASTELESS WORLD STORY ARTICLES advising readers to VALUE WHAT THEY HAVE, NOT WHAT THEY GET

Many send me comments into my social media accounts so as into my e-mail. Many agree with me and some say that it is hard to resist, if they see something they like, know they can afford it, not to buy. One of the readers commented that even harder it is to look at the things he can not afford and it pushes him to do more, to reach the level which will make it possible to buy and own the desired item.

The call of ownership is present to all human beings and not only humans need to own. On contrary to animals HUMAN does not want to own to have enough to eat and drink, but he needs to own from the principle of ownership from the feeling of HAVING. This feeling is the same for the poor so as for the rich one, for the people living on the streets so as to those owning factories, cities, and nations.

In a very short time, the new NFT title would be made public, a title that everyone will speak about, a title that even the richest of the world would not be able to purchase at the moment being far above their entire wealth and capital.

What will happen?

I am sure not a single person in the world is ready to pay the exclusivity of the ownership with all they have and become at the same time a debtor of many only to be named


At the moment of preparing this article, there are 200 cryptocurrencies listed on the CoinMarketCap, the sum of all is below the value of the NFT TOKEN.

Trying the same with up-to-date FORTUNE 500 we came to the same result

The same happens when I look at the assets of the world-leading banks

It looks like one single transaction will cause the Butterfly effect changing the world forever.

It is interesting to compare it for example to J.V.Stalin who is being considered to be the 10th wealthiest man in the world controlling at his time 9% of the global GDP.

This amount is just a small share of the value we are speaking about

I am sure the richest people in the world reached all they need and don´t need to have the next victory that will for sure hold not century, but Millenium, they are fine to be the ICONS OF EXCELLENCE as google AI name them following words of FORBES and FORTUNE

The Unattainable Wealth will deliver what its name promise so there is no need to ask who can afford to pay and transfer 1% in cash, followed by 99% in assets including crypto, to the owner who offers the new NFT TITLE for sale

It is not a game, but the reality that has its price.

Have a nice day, free of waste and wasting on all its forms, and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN


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