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Online Shopping Tips for Business Owners: How to Pay Less on Your Next Order

Whether you’re looking to restock your online store or just looking for office supplies, there are tons of ways for a savvy business owner to save money on online purchases. Here are some of the methods you can use to find deals and get discounts when making business purchases.

1 - Buy from specialized suppliers

While most popular retailers are consumer-focused, there are plenty of retailers out there that specialize in B2B transactions. This often means they’re able to fulfill bigger orders and provide more specialized customer support. B2B retailers can also offer better deals on different products, especially if you’re buying them in large amounts.

There’s no one rule on how to find these suppliers since it depends on what you’re trying to buy. But one way to make sure you stay in the loop is to stay in touch with other entrepreneurs in your line of work through online groups and social media. If you’re looking to buy large amounts of a product from a specific manufacturer, the manufacturer’s sales team might be able to get you in touch with a B2B reseller. Or even fulfill the order themselves.

2 - Keep track of discounts

Many of the same practices that regular consumers use to save money can also be used by businesses. And one of them is to simply keep an eye on discounts and flash sales that may be happening around the web. There are entire websites dedicated to tracking sales, promotions, giveaways, and even compiling AliExpress coupon codes, all of which can be used to save money on your next order.

The only issue is that for most of these there will be a limit on how many products you’re able to buy at once. So it’s often a tactic better suited for buying hardware and office supplies, rather than restocking an entire store.

3 - Price shop like a pro

Comparing prices between different retailers is a process that has only grown easier over the years. These days there are entire search engines dedicated to helping people find the best price available for a product across all the major online stores. And you can get a lot more options if you’re willing to pay for enterprise-grade price monitoring software.

4 - Newsletters

It’s not uncommon for companies to send out special deals and promotions on newsletters. Since newsletter readers will include some of the company’s most loyal and prolific clients, they know that offering a good deal via e-mail is an excellent way to get rid of merchandise in a flash. So make sure you sign up for the newsletters of your main suppliers.

5 - Contact the store

If you are buying large quantities of a product or buying from a relatively small store, you may be able to get a small discount just by asking for it. Contact their customer support, see if they have any special rates for business clients. The same tactic can be used if you find a product being sold for less in another store; you might be able to get your primary supplier to price-match that offer. This will allow you to get a better deal while still buying from a supplier you trust.




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