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Helen Child

Founder at Open Banking Excellence
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Bio Helen is the Founder of Open Banking Excellence (OBE), the world's leading community of Open Banking and Open Finance pioneers from across the breadth of financial services, including banks, fintechs, BigTech and other industry bodies. OBE is the global centre of knowledge and collaboration, driving change across the growing Open Finance ecosystem. Open Banking advocates that believe in a fairer and more inclusive society worldwide. Career History https://www.linkedin.com/in/helenchild/


Open Banking

How solving interoperability will unleash cross-border Open Banking innovation

21 Feb 2024

The opportunities that a truly global Open Banking ecosystem would create for businesses and consumers are almost limitless. The more interoperable the ecosystem is, the greater the possibilities are for innovation and growth to snowball as new ideas collide on the international stage. The potential market is huge. In the UK, the number of Open B...

Open Banking

Happy Sixth Birthday to Open Banking!

29 Jan 2024

Open Banking celebrated six years young on the 15th of January, making this the perfect time to give the industry a JROC (Joint Regulatory Oversight Committee) update. As we look ahead in Open Banking, JROC has been our guiding North Star. The JROC committee, having commenced their ambitious work in June 2023, has already proven essential in helpi...


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Data is the fuel that will drive AI & Open Finance growth

08 Dec 2023

Artificial intelligence will have a seismic effect on financial services. McKinsey has predicted that AI could deliver a “value-creation opportunity of up to $20 trillion” for banks each year. Accenture also argued that 90% of all working hours in the banking industry will be “impacted” by large language models such as ChatGPT and predicted that ...

Open Banking

Cutting through the complexity: How to prepare for PSD3

24 Nov 2023

The PSD2 was a truly historic piece of legislation that laid the foundations for a paradigm shift in financial services. The blockbuster Payment Services Directive 2 planted the seeds for Europe’s thriving Open Banking ecosystem. Now we’re awaiting a sequel. When the PSD3 comes into force at some point in the next five years, it will unlock vast n...