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Bio Helen is the Founder of Open Banking Excellence (OBE), the world's leading community of Open Banking and Open Finance pioneers from across the breadth of financial services, including banks, fintechs, BigTech and other industry bodies. OBE is the global centre of knowledge and collaboration, driving change across the growing Open Finance ecosystem. Open Banking advocates that believe in a fairer and more inclusive society worldwide. Career History


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The UK will lose its global leadership position in Open Banking without major progress this year

31 Jan 2023

Last week, we released a piece of research - The Global Open Finance Index. It makes for tough reading for those of us who passionately believe that the UK’s status as a global leader in Open Banking is a major strategic asset. No matter how you look at the data, the report paints a picture of a first mover, that gave the participants in its ecosys...

Open Banking

Variable Recurring Payments: Will 2023 Be The Year of VRP

09 Dec 2022

They are the biggest step forward for Open Banking since the launch of the first payment APIs. Variable Recurring Payments (VRP) are a genuinely game-changing innovation which we expect to be one of the standout success stories of 2023. VRP allow consumers to authorise payments on an ongoing basis. They improve security for merchants and customers...

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Building a better world through Open Finance relies on closer collaboration

11 Nov 2022

We’re living in an era of crisis. The world is experiencing extreme geopolitical turmoil, soaring inflation, and continued post-pandemic supply chain problems. In the UK, we’re teetering on the brink of the first inflationary recession in 50 years and millions are facing the choice of heating or eating. The markets appear firmly in control of fis...