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Top Underestimated FinTech Firms - The Next Big Thing

Fintech startups securing new funding, becoming a unicorn is the new normal in the world of Banking & Financial Services. FinTech startups and Investors have changed the game and given acceleration to Banks and Financial Institutes. The game has a single multi-dimensional rule - "Novel Ideas".
Many unknown or not much-known FinTech startups are working on unique ideas in a very unconventional way. In this article, sharing the list of FinTech startups working on novel concepts and will be the Next Big Thing soon

Company Name - Cuvva
The Radius of Work - Vehicle Insurance as needed /on-demand (for an hours/day with full flexibility)
One Thing to Know - This is a UK-based organization that gives insurance on a car with the flexibility to the customer needs whether that's an hour or a day.
Key Investors - Breega, Local Globe

Company Name - Worldcoo
The Radius of Work - Worldcoo is a social company aimed at funding NGO projects in omnichannel authorized organizations and their users
One Thing to Know - It has Social Cause bringing all the NGOs together and have started attracting the limelight in a true sense
Key Investors - Equity4good, Caixa Capital Risc

Company Name - IMMO Investment Technologies
The Radius of Work - IMMO helps sell, rent & invest in residential real estate, thereby opening up a new asset class for investors
One Thing to Know - It makes the whole process easy with legal fee and notary rule in real-time
Key Investors - HV Capital, Talis Capital

Company Name - Tractable
The Radius of Work - Tractable develops artificial intelligence for accident and disaster recovery
One Thing to Know - It uses AI to accelerate the process of damage inspection, claim approvals by assessing the accident Image provided (of the vehicle) in real-time
Key Investors - Future Fifty, Plug and play

Company Name – Codat
The Radius of Work - Codat has a set of patterned API, that helps entry to small- and medium-sized companies' monetary information. It has a unique capability and potential to attach and combine, giving superior insight rapidly into an enterprise’s gross sales and money distribution erudition and facilitating sooner credit score resolution-making.
One Thing to Know – Partnership with Plaid, they are aimed at locating monetary learning for SMEs
Key Investors - American Express Ventures, Pay Pal Ventures, Capability, and innovation fund, Index Ventures

Company Name -
The Radius of Work - It provides BaaS layer (Banking as a Service), that any enterprise can practice without having fintech expertise
One Thing to Know – They offer free Sandbox, API to explore and Test as well for free
Key Investor - Creandum

Company Name – Tickr
The Radius of Work - Tickr has picked up the theme-based investment concept with the flavor of ethical investment. The theme itself is upmarket - Environment, Social, and Governance to offset carbon footprints
One Thing to Know - Millennials are a major market domain and Tickr has over 80% of its customers are the ones never invested before
Key Investors - Ada Ventures, SLJ Investment Partners

Company name - Form3
The Radius of Work - best value for money model that fits on two criteria 1) reduced fee and 2) get rid of maintaining legacy on-premise method complexity. It helps banks and Fintechs to transfer cash through the Cloud Funds functionality. A technically sound amidst cloud-native, API-driven approach.
One Thing to Know - Cloud and API agnostic, it is best end-to-end payment-as-a-service platforms
Key Investors - Master card, Barclays, Draper Espirit, ACF Investors

Company Name - Flood Flash
The Radius of Work – Amazing concept of insurance coverage, the parametric flood insurance coverage. It works on the event trigger principle (customer can choose the event) as compared to traditional insurance that focuses on the damage that happened because of the event
One Thing to Know - It presents easy and instantaneous payouts to clients when an event occurs (hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes etc).
Key Investors - Local Globe, Hambro Perks LTD, Pentech Ventures, Tech Nation Fintech

Company Name -
The radius of Work - has a unique thought where learning with games has been kept on priority. Games are designed and devised that connects real-world science and the outcomes
Key Investors - Supernode Global, Bussines Finland, Initial Capital


“If You Are Working On Something That You Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.” – Steve Jobs


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