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Senior Manager at Capgemeini
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Bio Senior Manager, FinTech Professional, Analytics Evangelist, and an Author. Influential and transformative digital banking Senior Manager with 16 years of profound expertise in Business Analysis, Data Insights, Product Designing moreover a strong believer of innovation and disruptive approach. Authored one of the Top Recommended Books of 2020 in FinTech, The Journey of RegTech ISBN10 1913653749 ISBN13 9781913653743. Filed 4 patents in cutting edge technology stack AI, ML, IOT, AR, VR in different domains. Published research / white papers in international peer-reviewed SCOPUS indexed journals on FinTech Innovations and Digital Banking, cited by other FinTech researchers.


Embedded Finance

The New FinTech Galaxy and Role of Embedded Finance

10 Apr 2021

Inventing new concepts, ideas, technologies and utilizing them to an extent that has not been thought of earlier is the way forward. Embedded Finance is one example of human intelligence which has given a telescopic lens to FinTech to see many opportunities which were not visible earlier. Embedded Finance is a new Galaxy in the FinTech Universe. W...


Top FinTech Companies that are redefining the Payment Domain

02 Apr 2021

The financial community of the world has traversed into an era of electronic transactions. It is estimated that only about 8% of the world’s currencies exist in physical form, the rest is stored as digits inside computer memories. Fintech is the “fusion of finance and technology”. It is a relatively new branch of business sciences that focuses on ...