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Top Digital and Fintech Supportive Countries

What are the prerequisites for the Fintech industry to flourish in any given country? I would certainly name an adapted legislative framework, the so-called “regtech”, the economic environment and favorable investment climate, as well as mobile and online technologies penetration and the population’s age and digital literacy. It is the combination of those factors that determine leading Fintech supporting countries.

So, top digital countries in 2020 are:

10th place – Estonia. Highlights: digital payments, personalized financial solutions, and alternative lending methods.

9th place – Canada. Highlights: crypto and blockchain technologies, loans, and insurance.

8th place – Australia. Highlights: digital payments, personalized financial solutions and alternative lending methods.

7th place – Sweden. Highlights: neobanking and Fintech solutions for SMEs.

6th place – Netherlands.  Highlights: digital payments, personalized financial solutions, and investments.

5th place – Switzerland. Highlights: cryptocurrencies and blockchain, crowdfunding, and wealth management.

4th place – Lithuania. Highlights: payments, loans and banking.

3rd place – Singapore. Highlights: digital banking, Fintech solutions for SMEs, wealth management.

2nd place – the United Kingdom. Highlights: Challenger banks, personal finances and capital, blockchain, and microlending.

1st place – the USA. Highlights: payments, Fintech solutions for the B2B segment, security, and insurance.

In my opinion, the rating includes developed or fast-growing economies driven by the advancement of digital technologies and, consequently, encouragement of investments. In the long term, I believe that creating conditions to scale up the Fintech industry is key to countries’ welfare and their readiness to address new challenges of our time such as the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.




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Hansjörg Leichsenring
Hansjörg Leichsenring - Der Bank Blog - Luetjensee 28 January, 2021, 16:20Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

The USA at place 1 seems to be wishful thinking for me. What about physical checks still alive???

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