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Yuliya Barabash

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Fintech Startup market is stagnating?

23 May 2023

The market of fintech startups is not moving. Currently with collegues we were analyzing our results 2023 and found out that fintech startups are less active nowadays. In comparison with 2020, 21 and even 2022. But when I say fintech I don't mean crypto. Crypto startups are still rapidly developing (untill MICA comes into force). We continue to get...

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Cappuccino with Crypto. What can you buy with cryptocurrency today?

22 Feb 2023

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way since their inception, and their influence is not limited to the online space anymore. From everyday purchases to extravagant investments, the world of digital currency is rapidly expanding, and the possibilities are limitless. Despite the recent downturn in the crypto market, the range of goods and services t...

Trends in Financial Services

Firewall To ArtNFT: Another Bubble Or NFT Rebirth?

06 Dec 2022

In 2021, a friend of mine bought an NFT for €1800. Today, it costs €10. The difference is impressive. With the market decline, all token purchases made a year ago lost 80–90% of the margin. The loudest story is connected with Logan Paul, an American YouTube blogger. In 2021, he purchased an NFT called K4M-1 #03 from the Azuki Bumblebee collection....

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Lock, Stock, and Fintech: Features of Ukrainian Digital Banks

17 Oct 2022

Do you love fintech as much as I do? Especially the Ukrainian one, which drives the banking system of my native country. It is still very young but makes progress that fascinates foreign banks. For instance, PrivatBank was the world’s first to develop payment mini-terminals, allow entering internet banking through QR code, launch online encashment,...