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Corporate Responsibility

    Arkansas has 31,834 registered nonprofit organizations supporting or advocating for health, education, religion, the environment, food relief, and countless other services. In order to fulfill their missions, they rely on grants, private donations, volunteers, and community support.
    I have a personal passion for works of public service. After my post-graduate work, I was fortunate enough find myself working for two of these groups: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas and later, the Arkansas Foodbank. I witnessed firsthand the impact these organizations had on our communities and saw the generosity of citizens of Central Arkansas in giving their time and resources. However, I also saw that individuals, while obviously critical to the success of nonprofit organizations, could never match the magnitude of financial support that corporations could provide.
    So, when I decided to carve a new career path in the for-profit sector, I knew I wanted to work for a company that shared the same values as me. I wanted a company where giving back to the community was at the forefront of their overall mission. And that’s when I found Euronet Software Solutions and their Euronet Cares program, where each employee gives back one day a year volunteering at a nonprofit of their choice. This was inspiring to know that my future employer serves the community in which it is based.
    It’s powerful to see the Euronet employees achieve this mission by giving their attention to causes like the Arkansas Foodbank’s Summer Cereal Drive, donating blood regularly to the Arkansas Blood Institute, or volunteering and raising money for the Arkansas Special Olympics. And while we have a dedicated day set aside for each employee to volunteer, what really happens is that the spirit of service becomes a year-round activity.
    With almost 32,000 nonprofit organizations in the state, it’s clear that Arkansas faces a challenge to address the needs of all citizens. Businesses and corporations can do their part to help nonprofits reach their goals. More and more companies are taking the initiative to step up to the plate. When communities thrive, so do our businesses and corporations.



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