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Four Narratives

It is no secret that a fundamental change has started - the migration to a data-driven economy. Why this should be speeded up is obvious - everyone stands to benefit (i) from much better services when any citizen can authorise connecting MyData and Big Data to life events (at home and at work), (ii) from costs being automated away in all adminstrative and commercial processes, (iii) from better productivity when data is being used to make better and more transparent decisions in all organisations, (iv) from lower risks (data integrity, credit, currency, fraud etc), (v) from better jobs - also via life-long learning, (vi) from much smaller grey economy, (vii) lower waste and CO2 emissions and (viii) a deeper internal market in Europe.

So why does not politicians, enterprises and citizens alike cry out for faster action? Because so much is going on that the attention span is down to 8 seconds. But also because much of the narrative comes from the boiler room - difficult to understand. Central of course that the guys doing this work understand each other in this fast lane. But decision makers should be served something more than just AI tech speak - to be able to become truly enthusiastic, take the lead and make bold decisions - not just reading out texts. But we need more - four main narratives:

1. Why is a fast move to data driven economy so important? Target group:  decision makers.

2. What is in it for my life events? What actionable rights can I demand from decision makers? How can I authorise and get authorised? Target group: the citizen (at home and at work).

3. How should this be done? What common infrastructure is needed - for the many ecosystems - to attract all sorts of service providers. Target group: decision makers, regulators, service providers, SMEs

4.  What can algorithms do to automate processes at large and help machines to learn? New opportunities when mega classes of data (central and distributed connected with Self-Soveign Identity) is made available as structured, standardised, verified (huge additional value) and increasingly in real time - at birth (huge additional value). Target group: technologists, data scientists, regulators..

Please work on this. Make it crystal clear. What is easy to understand - is repeated. What is repeated - changes the world.


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