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Speech today

Speach to students and supporters at Aalto University innovation workshop. 

 Dear innovators,

We are now entering a very fascinating era – the data-driven economy -  where so many megatrends converge. You are to be congratulated to have so many opportunities to change the world for the much better. Many opportunities to create and share important missions. Start with WHY. Why is this so important for customers, enterprises, citizens, the public sector – good for society at large? 

Crystallized mission landscape:

  1. Much more convenient services – with life-event driven design. Join! From formal to actionable rights.
  2. Much better productivity – automation and data real time economy. 
  3. Much less CO2 
  4. Transparency 
  5. Faster move to distributed ledgers and self-sovereign identity
  6. Near end of grey economy
  7. Real time forecasting and fact-based decisioning
  8. All for the European Single market and beyond

 How – standardization for open ecosystems, new service design with mobile applications, self-sovereign identity, distributed ledgers and regulation -for the single market

 So what is your task here – my ten points:

 1.   Go to the future. Like in Ice hockey – not where the puck is – but where it is going. Assume that almost all data is in structured, standardized, verified form and delivered in real time in open and interconnecting ecosystems. Controlled by me or me in my enterprise. GDPR legal rights have become actionable – MyData and MyBusiness data can be fetched to my life event. Without endangering privacy or business secrets.

2.   Locate life events (especially in the food chains – starting with those that are easy to solve and have high volumes). The more mundane the better. 

3.   Imagine the data enterprises, their customers and the public sector can need to serve better, save costs and make better decisions.

4.   Find the Mydata – where does it sit?

5.   Inspire enterprises to become data service providers – get the power to act for fetching the data for specific life events > “filling in the form”.

6.   Prototype and pilot mobile apps – fetching the life-event-specific data or a list of potential data service providers. Use Findy.

7.   Describe and locate – life-event specific Big data.

8.   Improve and create new algorithms – as better and more data is available.

9.   Apply machine learning.

10.  Create and keep improving a mission-vision-practical-steps-ALL-IMPORTANTnarrative that everyone can understand. Avoid high abstraction levels and boiler room talk. Especially important for politicians – all of this is in the current government program. Focus on making e-invoices, e-receipts and real time VAT-reporting mandatory as soon as possible – to get all the rich line My- and Bigdata in use. Not only the €€€s. 

 Is this a letter to Father Christmas? No – his workshop cannot create the ecosystems and applications needed. Santa’s Little Helpers in real life will use our RTE&MyData pole position to do it – much of it here today and tomorrow.

Action is All

Bo Harald



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