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e-id - central part of banking services - huge growth in Finland

The banking sector is doing in practical terms all the strong e-ID transactions needed in Finland. There are some 3 600 organizations and all of the public sector using this services (dating back to the early 90s..).

Central bank statistics reveal continuing strong growth also in 2018:

2014: 56,2 million times

2015: 69,4

2016: 84,7

2017: 100,9 (a suitable and very valuable gift from the banking sector to Finland's 100 year anniversary)

2018: 125,2 (huge growth!)

2019: 160 million times? 32 times per citizen... why not. Figs from other Nordics pls..

Banks are legislated into strict KYC and must use secure tools. Banking services are used all the time (create habit) and are trusted. This secure and low cost Finnish innovation (also used for signing) has been implemented also in other Nordic and Baltic countries. Why not everywhere?



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