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Gig economy - A boon for Immigrants

With the current political polarisation of the world, we find herds of immigrants entering multiple countries in search of safety, security and with a dream to build a better and brighter future for themselves and their next generations. But the harsh reality hits soon, and they realise it takes time for them to find job that suits them. They end up doing a lot of odd jobs that get them a basic cash flow to sustain for a while till they find that dream job coming their way.

This transient period is full of anxiety, agony and frustration and sometimes despair. We know gig economy is not new. The buzz word too has been around for a few years now, but working as a part time worker is an age old way to remain afloat in such situations. This process is sometimes the de-facto mode for students to earn some cash that will take care of their living expenses apart from tuition fee.

But more and more people are exploring the option of doing something with their web presence and doing jobs that they get paid for by registering to sites online that pay you for your online work and at the convenience of their own time. This is a great starting point for people who were displaced due to uncertain situations and immigrants can be a huge beneficiary for this.

I’ve seen quite a few platforms that introduces people who are interested in such odd jobs and struggle to find a platform that may help them find any worthwhile work, so I am trying to list some of the resources that people can look into and also some potential platforms that hold promise for future.

  1. Nomad List - Nomad List is a crowdsourced database of cities in the world analysing 220,484+ data points every second to help you choose where to go next — and when you arrive, it connects you with 60,356+ nomads there.
  2. TaskRabbit - Taskers are people that will perform a variety of task. Everything from mowing the lawn to picking up groceries, moving, plumbing and is posted on TaskRabbit. According to the company, before they join, taskers undergo extensive background and in-person onboarding. And if you want the highest rated taskers, you can use TaskRabbit Elite.
  3. Freelancer - Freelancer has posted almost 11 million jobs for tens of thousands of its members. This is a platform that has given experts in website development, graphic design, programming, Internet marketing, content producers, translation and much, much more.
  4. Udemy - Udemy has more than 45,000 courses taught by expert instructors in a wide range of subjects. If you want to earn money from your expertise, you can create your video lesson and post it on Udemy.
  5. Amazon Flex (Mobile Phone App) - Amazon Flex gives people ages 21 and older the opportunity to set your own schedule while making $18 – $25 an hour. Workers enjoy having flexible hours while being able to choose opportunities any day of the week to work. Please note, the app is available for download. Let Amazon know when you want to make deliveries
  6. Fancy Hands (Mobile Phone App) - Fancy Hands seeks to provide assistants for everyone. You can apply to be an assistant and accept tasks on your own timetable. When you begin, you’ll get paid per task with consideration for how long it takes you to complete it, what time of day it is, and how complicated the task is.
  7. Fiverr - Fiverr provides freelance services for lean entrepreneurs. This gig economy app is renowned for its affordability and ease of use. Freelancers from copywriters to digital marketers easily fill their work schedules with clients from around the globe.
  8. Hubstaff Talent - Hubstaff makes time tracking for remote team management easier. Hubstaff Talent is the solution for connecting the best remote talent to companies looking for freelancers and independent contractors. Workers can start a profile free of charge and fees while providing details about your skills and availability to land a job with someone who needs your services.

Start-Ups or Early platforms that caught my eye and are worth checking and registering for keeping an eye in future.

  1. - Claims to be world’s first market place in the Niche space of Compliance, Risk & Transformation. (All IT Jobs)
  2. DNX Community - The DNX (Nomad) Community is the world’s first Digital Nomad platform that is built inside the Ethereum Blockchain. We have created a decentralized fully autonomous platform for the remote worker community. Building an economy that will disrupt an industry that is growing at a tremendous rate.

Do you know any worthy sites or Apps that are global?


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