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Shailendra Malik

Shailendra Malik

SVP - Tech Delivery (Data Platform) at DBS Bank
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Bio SVP - Tech Delivery (Data Platform) - Background - A Tech Consultant, managed Treasury & Fintech Solutions for my clients (mostly Banks), experience revolves around Investment Banking, Treasury Solutions, Murex & other in house applications and worked under wide variety of IT roles. Career History My career officially spanned 19 years with the past 13 years in developing & managing Data Platforms, Risk Management, RegTech & ERP Systems for Bank's Treasury. Currently managing the delivery of Core Engineering products for Data Platform with Cloud Native orchestration.



RBI’s cautious approach kept India safe from BNPL issues

11 Mar 2024

NatWest in UK last week announced that it is ditching its BNPL products and many experts not are attributing this due to the over crowded market and banks may gradually become less interested in these products. London still having a huge heft in the global financial market, has no regulation in place as yet and now Banks are left to decide by them


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Harnessing the Power of LLMs and AI Tools for Effortless Project Tracking

01 Dec 2023

In the fast-paced world of project management, staying ahead of timelines and ensuring seamless collaboration among team members is crucial. With the advent of Language Model (LLM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, project managers now have powerful tools to streamline project tracking tasks. Let us explore how project managers can l

After hours

Quiet Quitting, in Perspective

05 Sep 2022

Those who are waking up to the term Quiet Quitting and are feeling as lost as I was feeling a week back may refer to this definition as provided by Neil Hare in his Forbes article “The latest buzz phrase coming out of social media is the concept of “quiet quitting,” whereby burned-out or unsatisfied employees put forth the least amount of effort


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

5 ways to maximize the value of the AI Solutions

13 Apr 2020

When we start talking about AI, it intrigues many, but then they lose interest at the moment we start discussing the technical details. Let me try to keep this piece a more light-hearted to highlight what are the top 5 considerations I keep in mind when I try to find a workable and deployable solution for a problem that business or an end-user fac...

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