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12 Artificial Intelligence Lessons for Affiliate Marketers

AI is all around us these days, and its presence is only going to grow stronger. Affiliate marketing is a field that can benefit from this trend particularly well, and exploring what AI can do for you – as well as learning a few lessons from it along the way – should be one of your top priorities as an affiliate marketer. Companies like Affiliate2Day are already reaping the benefits of utilizing AI in their workflow properly.

1)       Treat Your Campaigns as Generations

The way some AI algorithms go through different “generations” can be quite inspirational for someone trying to do split testing to figure out which of their campaigns have the strongest potential. Try to approach this in an organized manner so that you can accurately track your results.

2)       Simplify Your Approach

Don’t make things too complicated! No matter if you’re using AI in your marketing, or simply trying to learn from it, you should keep things as simple as possible at all times. Only introduce extra systems when they can solve an actual problem.

3)       Strive for Fitness

It’s all about the fitness of each population when running certain training algorithms, and you can take up the same approach with your affiliate marketing strategies. Just watch for campaigns that show the fastest and most predictable growth trends.

4)       AI Assistants

An AI assistant can help you lower your typical workload by quite a lot. Of course they’re not a magic wand that will automatically solve all your problems, but you’d be surprised how far you can go with some tools on the market right now.

5)       Analyze Performance

You can also use advanced AI algorithms to study and analyze the performance of all your campaigns in depth. There are various things you could learn from a system like that which will not be immediately obvious to a regular person.

6)       Cheap but Powerful Solution

One of the great things about AI is that it’s one of the cheapest solutions you have available for boosting the performance of your campaigns. With the cost of computers being lower than ever, and many machine learning tools available for free, there’s no reason not to get into it.

7)       Backtracking Is Progress, Too

It’s not rare for an AI algorithm to backtrack. Revisiting old points you’ve already gone through doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you feel like you can steer your progress in the right direction afterward.

8)       Optimizing Layouts

AI can be great for optimizing your campaign’s layouts in ways that might be surprising. Finding the right type of connection between shapes, colors and the placement of each element has to take multiple subtle factors into account.

9)       Customer Interaction

You can redefine the way your customers interact with your site as well. Similar to the point about AI assistants we made above, a good chatbot can easily give customers a much better impression of your service quality.

10)   Automated Research

Stop wasting all your time doing research on your new campaigns manually! There’s a lot to gain from using an advanced algorithm for the job, and you can even automate the process so you don’t have to lift a finger.

11)   Exploring New Audiences

Likewise, you can train a goo AI to explore potential new audiences for you. This depends on how your campaign is structured and what kinds of products you focus on, but it should bring great results when used right.

12)   Old Techniques for New Problems

Last but not least, stop trying to reinvent hot water! If you know of an older technique that can potentially work better in your current campaign, it makes perfect sense to go for it instead of attempting to come up with something new and “creative”.

We’re probably only seeing the tip of the iceberg here, as AI technology is still evolving at a rapid pace. Those with an active presence in the world of affiliate marketing should pay close attention to how this field is progressing, as the overlap between the two is going to grow even larger in the near future.



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