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The convergence of Legacy Systems and FinTech using chatbots

Legacy Systems remain problematic.

Legacy Systems constrain change enablement.

FinTech accelerates change.

Legacy Systems are costly and slow to change.

FinTech is inexpensive and quick to change.

The knowledge to change Legacy Systems dilutes overtime.

Diluted knowledge increases cost, time and risk.  


Solution Stage 1

Capture Legacy Systems knowledge needed for change.

Use this knowledge to populate an ecosystem of Chatbots.   

Use Chatbots as guides to make Legacy Systems change.


Solution Stage 2

Treat Legacy Systems as a black-box.

Use Chatbots as the conversational front-end to Legacy Systems.

Use Chatbots as the conversational front-end to FinTech.

FinTech and Legacy Systems co-exist.

Legacy Systems knowledge is a measurable and working asset.

Legacy Systems no longer constrain change enablement.

Legacy Systems cease to be problematic over time.




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Freddie McMahon

Freddie McMahon

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