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Senior Director at Pegasystems Inc.
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The Software Implementation Journey of a thousand miles begins with phase zero

07 Dec 2022

Congratulations. You have decided to implement some software and want it to be successful. Will it be Agile or Waterfall or Lean or Scrum or something else entirely. While a successful project implementation has its own requirements for running it, there are numerous things one should consider before kick off. Has the Target Operating Model been a...


The Eternal Question of whether to buy or to build your software

07 Dec 2022

Congratulations. You have a problem, a project, a budget and a deadline. Instead of throwing bodies at it, software is the solution but now you need to decide to build or to buy, that is the question. Or is it? I’m not so sure it’s a clear cut decision anymore. Build used to refer to hiring in house programmers to code whatever system was necessar...