16 July 2018
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Chatbots for Recruitment and Human Resources

06 April 2018  |  4027 views  |  1

There is a growing expectation that chatbots can be used for recruitment. The obvious low hanging fruit is for a chatbot to:

  • Answer questions about the job on offer
  • Qualify a prospect through a set of gated interviews:  
  1. General questions
  2. Job specific questions
  3. Specialist questions
  • Organise interview face-to-face meetings
  • Provide the qualified information to the interviewer
  • Provide a status of an application


The benefits are:

  • Better governance and compliance
  • More comprehensive audit trail  
  • Increase objectivity and consistency
  • Ensure strong equality
  • Reduce cost
  • Scalable parallel interviews
  • Protect the valuable time of the employer
  • Retain knowledge, especially for specialist subjects
  • Better candidate experience
  • Reduce complaints and litigation


Interestingly, the knowledge assets produced for the ecosystem of chatbots involved could become a game changer in the in the recruitment industry, and for Human Resources internal job fulfilment processes.  The conversational service could be extended to include advice for those candidates that fall short on the criteria required.



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Dharmesh Mistry
Dharmesh Mistry - Temenos - Reading 09 April, 2018, 09:27

Could be quite good, but video is much more powerful and this has been tested/used already...


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Freddie McMahon
Freddie McMahon - DF2020 Ltd - London 09 April, 2018, 10:13

Thank you ... the combination of video and chatbots could be very good .. 

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